Track 1- Application of AI in Control Engineering
  • Linear and nonlinear systems
  • Modeling of complex systems
  • Control application
  • Optimal control rtudies on robust control
  • Robust, stochastic and multivariable control estimation and Identification
  • Intelligent and al based control
  • Networks optimization
  • Process control and instrumentation
  • Industrial Process Control and Automation
  • Adaptive Control

Important Dates

10th December 2020 Paper Submission deadline
15th January 2021 Acceptance notification
15th February 2021 Camera Ready Paper Submission
10th March 2021 Registration Start
19th and 20th March 2021 Conference date

Track 2- Recent Development in Power electronics and Drives Technologies
  • Power Converters
  • Power Electronics converters for drives
  • Power Electronics in Transportation
  • Power quality issues, harmonic problems and solutions
  • vehicle energy conversion
  • Power Electronics in consumer electronics
  • FACT devices and controllers
  • Multilevel converters
Track 3- AI based Power System Reliability and Security Evaluation
  • HVDC and flexible AC transmission system
  • Advance distribution and SCADA technologies
  • Electromagnetic analysis in power systems
  • Simulation of Grid environments and markets
  • Computational Economics for Grid Engineering of Grid markets and Grid architectures
  • Power system management technologies
  • Power system planning and operation
  • Power system monitoring and mitigation technologies
  • Power system analysis and optimization
  • Distribution Management Systems
  • Transformation of power grids to smart grids
  • Energy storage and cyber security for smart grids
  • Role and future of electric vehicles in smart grids
Track 4- Applied Technologies in Renewable Energy systems
  • New and Renewable Sources of Power Generation
  • Advances in Applied Green Energy Technologies
  • Recent Advances In Renewable Energy Generation & Conservation
  • Future Energy Technologies
  • Next Generation (Nano) Photonic and Cell Technologies
  • Laser Material Processing for Solar Energy Devices
  • Optimizing Wind Power Resources
  • Energy efficiency in building designs and management
  • Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Integration
  • Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development
  • Economic and Social aspect of Sustainable Development